Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Ashley and I got to go to her eye apointment, then to Red Robin, and then to Target (for cake supplies!) on our own.  She was so excited and beamed the whole time!  So much so that I took several short videos of her throughout the day!

Dr. Epley really does have the BEST waiting room!

While we were out, the older ones made her a cake and cookies out of bubber, and put candles on them!  (They also cleaned the house, kept therapy going, finished their independent school, and decorated - so impressed with my big girls these days!)

I wasn't feeling well, and since Ashley wanted pancakes, Grandpa stepped in as the chef for us!  And I was ever so thankful!

While Grandpa worked on dinner, I put this castle cake together.  It took me 1 hour 10 minutes...I am definitely getting faster at this!

Grandpa made Ashley a bouquet of balloons out of pancakes!

Ashley got a book, a watch and a tether ball & pole for her birthday

Bailey being silly with the wrapping paper!

Silly String War

Happy Birthday Song
(Even with just 9 candles, the whole cake looks like it is ablaze in the video, lol!)

Callie's new shoes

For the first time EVER, 5 1/2 year old Callie, had her feet measured at a shoe store.  Then she got to pick out shoes, again, for the first time EVER that fit her little feet!  She chose these cute princess light up shoes.

Then we brought them home and modified them.  We took a pair of flip flops, and tapered them from the midline of the shoe to the instep (going from level on the middle of the shoe to about 5/8" on the inside edge).

Here is the video I took of her first steps in these shoes.  I am amazed at how doing this has made her heel go down.  And her gait looks really good.  Her pelvic structure also has good alignment.  She is not able to wear her theratogs while she is in these shoes, as they need to attach to her AFOs.

From this point, she has gotten more confident and more steady in her new shoes.  One of her favorite things is that she can put them on and take them off all by herself!  (Something she has never been able to do before!)

The theory behind this is that the AFOs are a very rigid structure that are trying to mold her feet into a position.  When in reality, it just gives her something to fight against.  These shoes are allowing her feet to bear weight on the area of the foot that it is supposed to (NOT pushing into the arch, which is what Callie does).  These shoes really do not give her anything to fight against.  We are doing this as a trial to see how it goes.  To see if the callouses on her feet go away.  To see if the alignment of her toes gets better.  And if things do not improve, we will go back to her traditional AFOs.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Music Festival Projects

The girls have a music festival for piano coming up.  They had to select different categories to be entered into.  Some of them are performance based, others are music challenges or quizes/tests.

Then there is this 'presentation' category.  They get to choose anything the want that represents music to show in this event. 3 of these projects have already been introduced on an earlier post.

Bailey finished up her cake (and I think it looks great!).  

Brianna put the finishing touches on her pinata.

And here are all of our exhibits!

I am so amazed and in awe of all that can does.  I am in awe of God for the individual talents that He bestows upon us.  I am amazed that while I am their primary teacher, that they can learn things like this that are far beyond my own skills, but because of the talents and gifts that God gave to them, they are able to bloom in this area!

I am so thankful for this opportunity for them to use their creative skills!

I am so proud of how hard all of you have worked for this music festival.  You have all done a wonderful job.  It has been such a joy and a delight to listen to you practice your pieces, scales and arpeggios!  It has been so exciting to watch your individual creativity come out as you work on these projects.

It really is such an honor and a special blessing to have all of you as my daughters.  I praise and thank God for you each and every day!


Memorial Day Weekend.

It has been far too long since we have gone anywhere over night as a family.

We decided to camp out together - even if it is only in the back yard!

It was a big hit for everyone!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Mini Mummies"

We are once again studying ancient Egypt.  One of our projects was to wrap each other up as mummies.  We decided to use our littles because, well...mostly because they would take up less toilet paper to wrap up, lol!

Serenity was NOT a big fan.  She liked the idea, but didn't want to have to stay still, and when it came time to being completely covered, she thought it was a better idea to break out and run away.

Callie was a very patient little mummy.

She not only enjoyed being wrapped up, head and all, but she liked getting to break free!  She said it made her feel strong.

Justice wasn't so sure...he was a bit concerned when we were wrapping up Seren, and he was a catalyst for telling her to run away.  But he saw that Callie really liked it, so he wanted to try it on one condition.  He wanted ME to wrap him up, so I did - very quickly.

Justice had the most fun ripping out of his mummy wrappings, lol!

We really enjoy hands on learning projects.  And this was certainly a fun activity that all of us could be involved in!

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Update

We meet Cyndi Ringoen at the Ship Harbor Inn in Anacortes.  She sees the girls one at a time, then I get to go talk with her.

This time, I wasn't excited about what I had to go tell her...that we really haven't done anything in the last 6 months or so, except what they did for fun.  In fact, no school or therapy had really been done in that time...but that is for another post!

Brianna waiting with her Daddy while Callie and I went in first.

Miss Cyndi does all sorts of different activities to test the girls' abilities and progress.  Then she uses this information to write their new programs.

Next up, it was Brianna's turn.

While I was in with Brianna, I could see Callie playing out the window.  After awhile, she started to wave at me.

After going to get some food, it was time for me to go in and be taught how to do our new programs.  It was interesting to see the progress that they made...and it wasn't nearly what it has been in previous times, when we had actually done a lot more on the programs.

(It is a very long day to go and do this, starting from early in the morning, and going until dinner time!)

Brianna has made some good progress in the areas of reading and math (and all without getting school done!), and she has also made a great deal of progress in her attention span and ability to sit still, mostly due to what we are learning about her food intolerance and sensitivities.

Callie made a great deal of progress in the areas of balance and much so that Miss Cyndi wants her to try ROLLER SKATING! (Yikes!)

I am glad that we went and got new programs.  I feel like I have a renewed sense of direction and vision.  I feel like we have a renewed sense of purpose for getting the therapy programs completed.  And I feel like Callie and Brianna have a new excitement about their programs...they both have some activities that they really like, and others that are really challenging, too!

I look forward to seeing the progress the girls make in the next 4 months!