Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The trail and the park

We decided to take the walk first so the littles had something to look forward to afterwards!

The Burke Gillman Trail has lots of fun things to see.  Ashley really liked this wall that she could walk up the slope to get to (later, the older 7 were on the wall on the way back).

Justice let his voice be heard, singing "At the Cross" at the top of his lungs while riding along the trail!

The twins and I took turns riding the bike, and pulling the littles (who took turns in the trailer).

The back of the trike says, "10 year, 100,000 mile warranty" on the back.

The middles certainly got their exercise!  They kept chasing down Justice on his bike, lol!

Ashley's view from one of the bridges on the trail.

I really love to see Callie walk.  She walked about 1/3 of a mile, and fell 4 times in that distance.

If you look closely, there is a blue herein right in the middle of the pic, but it is hard to spot!  Bailey found it for us!

Whoever wasn't riding the bike, was monitoring the littles who were on foot and in the stroller!  My twins are such an amazing blessing!  I am not sure that we could manage such trips without them!

The puppies thought the mile and a half that we traveled was a bit too much, I think!  But they slept through the night, so I think it was JUST RIGHT, lol!

The littles love having turns to push Judah in the stroller!

Taking a rest, waiting for our walkers on the shallow part of the river bank just off the trail.

The middles like to run ahead so they can stop on the bridges to watch the water.

Callie loves getting to hold the puppy leashes to take the puppies for a walk!

Then it was time to play at the park!

The puppies were glad for the rest!

Have I mentioned how great of big sisters my older ones are?!

Judah loved the swing!

This is a picture of where we had just come from...

And a picture of where we were headed.

We spent a great deal of time on our way home praising God that we happened to go to a place that had SUNSHINE today!  These clouds loomed over our town all day, while the town just a short distance away, had a bright and sunny day.  We didn't even need jackets!

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