Thursday, April 11, 2013


In light of Ashley's comment while we were out the other day that we 'homeschool, but we really don't do any school,' I thought I would post some pictures of school.

The boys playing quietly while we read the Bible.
Bailey practicing for a 15 minute oral presentation for 4H

Anna writing a short story.

The middles working on spotting the differences, while waiting for the computer to do their math and language arts.

Bailey reading aloud.

Anna reading aloud.

Callie taking care of Sarah.

A puppy with a binky?

Oops, maybe it isn't 'all school' around here on any give day, lol!

Ashley giving her presentation for 4H.

Anna giving her presentation.

Judah helping me to fold laundry while listening to presentations.

Caterpillars getting ready to turn into chrysalises.

Serenity playing with the play dishes and making lunch for me.

And just generally being cute!

I explained to Ashley that working on these big projects IS school right now.  It is our big focus.  Besides that we are doing Bible, Math, and Language Arts...but the projects are what are taking up most of our time.  She said, "Oh, I don't think of those as school.  They are just fun to do!"

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