Thursday, April 11, 2013


Nope, not more bugs in the house.  But another dog!  Ashley is borrowing a welsh corgi named Ladybug to use the fair.  She got to bring Ladybug home for the week.

Ashley is normally a very happy, smiley person.  But with bringing home Ladybug, she has just been BEAMING!

Ashley loves Ladybug.

Ladybug's owner is 18 years old.  And her owner is the younger of 2 children for her parents (she still lives at home with her parents).  With all of the excitement around here, and the malling that Ladybug is putting up with very well, I am pretty sure she is going to be glad to go back home!  At 10 years old, she is getting to be an old lady, and I think we are a bit overwhelming for her. 

Callie also really loves Ladybug, because she doesn't jump, bite, or really want to play.  She likes to chase her ball, and she likes to be pet while she lays down.  She also seems to really like being worked with by Ashley, who is doing a lot of training with her this week.

Ladybug came on Monday, and will go home on Saturday.  She will be here for a few days each month for Ashley to work with her until the Fair, when Ashley will show her.

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