Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's puppy play

The puppies are able to take a walk of a distance of about a mile.  So that is what we have been doing with them, almost every day, sometimes twice a day...depending on the weather!  It really tuckers them out though, so I try to do it not long before bed because then I do not have to get up and take them potty overnight.


  1. Does the one in the first picture have a pacifier in its mouth?

    Are the twins as tuckered out as the puppies?

  2. It was a very late night walk (I think we left home at 9:30 pm), and they were trying to convince me that sleeping with the puppies was a good idea...I explained that it isn't when they don't sleep through the night, and really need to be in their crate!

  3. Yes, we are tuckered out, but a good tuckered out.

    How are you Mrs. Noah?
    say hi to Hannah and Alicia for me.
    Anna Pence