Sunday, April 28, 2013

Answered Prayer, the desires of our hearts

God answered a very direct prayer for me.  Ever since we went to Lake Chelan, I have prayed for a swimming pool...something big enough for us to swim in, to teach the little ones to swim in, to do some water therapy with Callie, and just something that we could really enjoy using as a family.
And that it would be something that we could afford...I was thinking a deeply discounted display model or something.

God answered!

I found this on freecycle - a 15' diameter, 42" above ground pool.  It had been gently used the season before by 2 girls...but because it was dirty from storage all winter in an open carport, they were willing to give it away and move on to something else.

We set it up today so we could start to fill it (something that will take awhile on our well, with fairly low water pressure!), and to let the sun heat the water...ok, so that might be wishful thinking!

The girls were excited to say the least!

I think everyone was involved one way or another in setting up the pool!

As we started to fill it, the girls were even brave enough (on this mid 50's degree overcast day!) to get wet.

Ashley and Brianna even had their swim suits on. lol!

Serenity had a splashing contest with Bailey.

And at the end of the evening, after about 3 hours, we have filled it about 3 inches...

Like I said, it is going to take awhile!

In the meantime, we are drilling and quizzing the littles on when they may get in the pool, and when they may NOT get in the pool.

We are so thankful for a  God who cares about little things, like a pool.  For a God who answers prayer, who builds up our faith, and who walks ahead of us in all things.  Whether getting us a pool, or losing 2 babies in a row to miscarriage, as we have the last 2 consecutive months.  God is there.  God is faithful.  God is good, all the time.

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