Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What an exciting week!

We have been busy with an attempt at spring cleaning this week, along with taking care of sick children, getting back into a better routine, and preparing for exciting things to come.  The weather has been warmer here and there, so we have taken advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

Judah is really all over now!  He is under foot in the kitchen, will follow to do laundry (next to the stairs!), and will crawl around seeking people out.  He is also well into his stranger anxiety stage, and really would prefer that I hold him ALL the time.

Brianna, Callie, Serenity and Judah have not felt great.  Lots of time snuggling on the couch reading books lately!

Callie illness has been really odd.  While her body is very sick, weak, limp, and has a raging fever, her mind is very astute.  She wants to be engaged.  We have been reading lots of books on butterflies.  She is even starting to tell us what facts she wants to put on her report (which is our last of the choice reports we have to will not be completed for awhile as our caterpillars won't arrive until next week...then we will be watching them and taking their pictures as they grow and change for Callie's report).  We can write out her facts for is the pictures and putting them together in the layout that will need to wait!

This illness has taken its toll on Callie's body though.  She struggles through illness physically unlike any of the others.  2 days of being ill means a month to rebuild her strength and balance.  It means having to re-adjust to therapy schedules, and devises.  today, she asked to use her walker because she keeps falling.

Justice has been so helpful lately!  He has been going to get things, helping those who are sick get drinks, bringing me diapers, throwing things away, taking the chicken scraps out (he needs help for this one!), getting the table cleared and wiped, unloading and re-loading the dishwasher (again needs help on this), trying to start laundry on his own...he has just been an awesome little helper!

The twins and Ashley have been very busy outside!  They really want to be able to start planting (though it is too soon, they are getting gardens prepped!).  They have been outside for a couple hours each day, letting the hens out in the main garden area to eat all of the weeds for us.  I have to say that they really have done a great job getting it ready - and as a bonus, they are also doing a bit of fertilizing for us!

I am working on re-vamping our schedule...making it work better for us, adding in the actual times it is taking for animal care, etc.  And trying to get the computer times scheduled for laptop for school work is not working very this schedule I am working on it becoming critical!  It is harder than scheduling piano time as computer school is taking longer than piano, and we have TWO pianos to use...

I think that is about all that is going on this week.  Lots of busy work.  Lots of preparations being made.  Lots of praising God through all we do, and for the abilities to do them!

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  1. My love, when you talk about the warmer weather, would that include the snow we had last night? :D

    Love you!