Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Yesterday, we picked up our two newest family members. Meet Forté (on the left, black and silver, with Bailey), and Maple (on the right, salt and pepper,with Anna).  They are 7 1/2 week old mini schnauzer puppies.  We brought them outside to go potty before leaving the breeders.  Everyone was excited that they seemed like they wanted to play.
 After a long day in the car, and stops at several stores, by the time we got back home, they really needed to sleep...I think everyone was a bit disappointed and felt as though the puppies didn't 'like' us. 
 I assured everyone that that was not the case, but rather they are puppies, and like all babies, they need lots of sleep.
 Judah decided he really likes to watch them, and chase them, but he doesn't like them to 'get him back.'  Clearly, there is training to do on both sides of this equation!

 After just a short while, I told the girls that we really, REALLY need to let these puppies sleep...


  1. How fun. Are they males or females of one of each? They are cute.

  2. Sorry! I had thought I left a comment on my last blog post, but apparently it went away!

    They are both girls! the plan right now is to breed them at times of our choosing, and we have too much going on to do that with a male and a female. So instead, we will hire a stud and breed both of them when we are ready and willing to able to properly take care of the commitment of having puppies!

    For now, we are just enjoying our girls puppyhood!