Friday, March 22, 2013


We have had one very light dusting on snow (we had to look closely to see if it was just a heavy frost or actually a little bit of snow).  Until today!  We got about 2" overnight.  And everyone was THRILLED to say the least.

This morning, Brianna came up and said, "Mommy, thank you so much!  And thank you, God, too!"

I asked what she was so thankful for.

"This is the best weekend EVER!"

She meant the snow, then the generous gift from Aunt Judi and Uncle Gerard to use their timeshare condo on  Lake Chelan, starting tomorrow and going through Monday, then our big surprise on Tuesday.

I really love to see her enthusiasm - really everyone's enthusiasm!

Here's some pic of playing in the snow today.

Ready to go play in the snow!

Justice pulled Serenity around for awhile.

Callie catching snowflakes on her tongue (or probiscus as she has
taken to calling it, since studying butterflies, lol!)

Judah came out to see the snow, too!

He seemed intrigued that everything was covered in white.
He even liked to touch the snow!

But when he tried to eat it, it was really cold, lol!

Justice, licking the snow off the table.  When I asked him
why he was licking the table, he said, 'Because my hands are cold."
I am sure this made perfect sense to him, lol!

Brianna's snow angel.

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  1. We ended up with our first real snow of the year too, on Thursday. We had almost 5 inches, after having 81 degrees the previous Friday. Happy first full day of spring!