Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reaching New Heights

 Judah is now 8 months old!  The time sure does go fast.  This little guy is a very happy go lucky, laid back little man - much like his older brother!
 Now that he is crawling across the room, he wants to get UP.  So far, he needs a bit of help to get up on his feet, but I know that won't last long!
 In this lower picture, you can just barely see 2 of his 5 little teeth.
 With very little assistance, he can get up to his feet, and he loves it!
 He has no problem balancing on his knees without any hands, either!
The getting down is a bit more challenging still!

Happy 8 months to my precious little guy!  What a blessing it is to have you in the family!  We really couldn't imagine not having you with us.  You are a special gift, knit together in my womb, my Almighty God in His image and likeness.  You are a reward and a heritage to your Mommy and Daddy!  Created to honor and worship God all the days of your life, in all you do.  God has a plan and a purpose for you, Judah!

We praise God for your life!

Happy 8 months Doo Dah baby!

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