Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun with science

I forgot to get the camera out while the older ones were going through their all the pictures have the younger ones.  It still gives the idea of just how much fun we are having in science these days!

For the Fair, everyone will be contributing a project on the human body.  So that they can be put together to make a fairly comprehensive display.

Brianna will be doing the human heart.  We have this model of how the heart pumps, going from the right side to the lungs, to the left side, then out to the body before going back to the left side again.

This is a model of an animal cell.  It is what each of the cells in our body are made up of. 

Here, Callie is playing with our model of the human body with organs, muscles and bones.

I picked up a model of the brain, eye, and ear.  Bailey will be using the eye and the ear in her project about the 5 senses.

Ashley will be doing a body on bones.  She will also be putting together an example of each type of joint for the fair to show how they work, and where those types of joints are found in the body.

Anna will be doing a report on muscles.  She is making a demonstration of how muscles can only pull, and never push.

We are all having so much fun seeing how the human body works.  It is truly a miracle that we survive!  We are learning just how Amazing God truly is, and how much His fingerprints are all over each and every one of us!  God is so good!

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