Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Educational Displays

I have very few 'requirements' for the children's fair projects.

My first rule is that if you are going to start a project, you must finish it in a reasonable amount of time - no leaving it for weeks, then starting something else.  If I were to allow that we would have way too many partially done projects with as many children as I have!

The rule is that if for whatever reason, they feel the need to start something before finishing their currently project, they need permission.  I am not a tyrant with this.  For example, if they are just really needing a break from an embroidery project, and want to do a crochet project, I will honor that, with the promise that they will go back to it.  If they do not have materials to finish up something they have done, I will let them go onto something else, etc.

The other rule is that anything they do, they must do their best on.  I really do not care how many projects they do, but it must be their best effort.  They must be willing to be teachable, pick things out or undo things in order to do them right.  Anything that is not their best effort will not be allowed to be entered into the fair.  I reserve the right to make a final judgement on any given project.

The other requirement I have for the fair is that they do an educational display.  This year, I am requiring 2 from each of the older 5.  I would like 1 of them to have some sort of interactive element or diorama with it.  Last year, only the twins were required to do 2 projects.  Ashley and Brianna did one project each.  Those 6 projects took us 7 weeks.  This year, we have streamlined things a lot more.  Everyone is more comfortable with what I (and the fair!) expects from the projects.  And in 10 days, we have completed 4 projects!  And they have completed them well.  So far, they are all working on the project that is more their choice.  The 2nd project for each of them will be on the human body - which is what we are studying in science this year. Anna and Ashley are already working on what they would like to do for their projects, and are excited about it.  Brianna has in mind what she wants to do, and is starting to think about it.  Bailey is struggling with a topic still.  Callie wants to do her projects on EVERYTHING, lol!

Anna's dog report

Bailey's dolphin report

Brianna's eagle report

Ashley's cat report
I love just how different each project is, and how much freedom they have to express their individual creativity.  I love the excitement they have in learning about a subject of their choice, and choosing the facts they want to share with the public at the fair.  I love to see their love of learning!

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