Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 2 Lake Chelan Vacation

Last night did not end with the movie.  After that, we put the children to bed, we had a date night in.

We started with a time of prayer, we read Hebrews Chapters 4 and 5 together, and worked on our scripture memory.  Then we watched NCIS while we had some cookies and milk.  And then ended with an episode of the Dog Whisperer.  It was a wonderful time of reconnecting, and enjoying some time with just the two of us.  And, for awhile, Judah.  But mostly, just us. :-) My husband is such an amazing blessing!  I thank and praise my God for such a wonderful man, who is an excellent husband, a wonderful father, a godly example for his family, seeking to lead us in God's ways.  He is our priest, prophet, provider and protector.  I would be honored for our sons to grow up like him and for our daughters to marry men like him!

Our view at breakfast.

Anyway, long story short...we stayed up way too late.  This morning came way too early.  My wonderful children had breakfast done by the time we made it up (which was still like 7:30).  We went through our daily Bible reading.  We had fun describing what was going on in Acts Ch. 16, where Paul meets Lydia, and begins the church at Philippi (who he later writes the book of Philippians to - which we are currently memorizing!).  And explain the situation when Paul is arrested publicly, beaten, and chastised  all without a trial.  Then they try to release him privately and secretly ask him to leave the area.  He THEN tells the leaders of the day that he is a Roman Citizen and they need to come release him themselves.

Then we took a walk.

 We enjoyed the beach, the water, mountains and the playground.

I got to play tether ball with 3 of my girls, too!  I don't think I have played that since elementary school!

We then came back to the condo and made lunch.  We ate together, then I stayed home with the littles while Christopher took the older 4 to the pool.  I was grateful for the time to take a nap, too!  But first, it was time for a bit of clean up from lunch.  I had a several helpers to load the dishwasher.

Judah was able to stand up after his nap all by himself, without holding onto a person!  He is really going to be able to get into anything soon!

This evening we went to Troy's Pizzaria for dinner.  It was really good pizza!  They had a wonderful BBQ chicken pizza that I really liked.

Back at the condo, we hung out and enjoyed some much needed quiet time.  I think everyone was really tired.  The littles went to bed early, and the older ones stayed up and watched Louie Giglio.

It was another great day here at Lake Chelan!

Tomorrow we will be packing up and heading home.  I hope to have some time to take the older 6 swimming one last time, but we will see how the morning goes.  We are so appreciative and thankful for the opportunity to use this condo and enjoy a bit of time to rest and relax as a family!


  1. Now Michelle, let Christopher take some photos next time so we can see you too!!!

    I am really glad that you all had this time to get away and spend together as a family. It looked very relaxing.

    Have a safe trip back:)

  2. Too bad you:

    A. Prefer your sons over your daughters
    B. Won't let your straighteners make their own decisions when they get older.

  3. A. I am really curious why you think I prefer my sons over my daughters. Why and where would you get that idea?
    B. I have no idea what you are even trying to say!

    (who still can't log onto blogger from where I am!)

  4. I had fun this weekend. Thanks for going with me, love!

    ~Christopher Pence

  5. Helpmeets always prefer their sons to their daughters. And you won't let your daughters go to college and you'll make your twins raise their brothers and sisters and cook and clean.

  6. Michelle, I have always enjoyed reading your blog. Don't listen to people like this. They are a joke, and the good thing about jokes, is that they have no impact on your life, and you can laugh at them for years to come!