Monday, March 4, 2013

Date Night in with my twins

We are still battling illness at our house on and off.  We ended up putting everyone to bed from Ashley down at about 8:45.  I told the girls that if they help me with 15 minutes of cleaning up (which actually turned into 20 minutes because we just HAD to step outside to look at the stars with the new moon!), that we could do something together.

They helped me get the house picked up, then we enjoyed some popcorn and rootbeer floats, while we watched the Dog Whisperer together (something that my amazing husband found online for us to watch).

I really enjoy getting to spend some extra time with my big girls!  They are such a joy and a blessing to me.  They do so much to help out, and to be able to bless them with a fun evening of special time just for us, is a lot of fun!

I love you girls!  I am so proud of who you are!  Thank you for being teachable and moldable.  Thank you for always being willing to help.  Thank you for being such great role models to the younger ones.  Thank you for the joy, humor, and creativity to add to our household!  And thanks for spending the evening with me!


  1. How fun!! Those root beer floats looked really good. I really am so proud of the awesome job you and Chris are doing with your children. You are reaping such awesome rewards. The twins are very beautiful young ladies from the inside out.

  2. Thank you Mrs Noa
    From Bailey

  3. What a special night with your girls!