Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun with science

I forgot to get the camera out while the older ones were going through their all the pictures have the younger ones.  It still gives the idea of just how much fun we are having in science these days!

For the Fair, everyone will be contributing a project on the human body.  So that they can be put together to make a fairly comprehensive display.

Brianna will be doing the human heart.  We have this model of how the heart pumps, going from the right side to the lungs, to the left side, then out to the body before going back to the left side again.

This is a model of an animal cell.  It is what each of the cells in our body are made up of. 

Here, Callie is playing with our model of the human body with organs, muscles and bones.

I picked up a model of the brain, eye, and ear.  Bailey will be using the eye and the ear in her project about the 5 senses.

Ashley will be doing a body on bones.  She will also be putting together an example of each type of joint for the fair to show how they work, and where those types of joints are found in the body.

Anna will be doing a report on muscles.  She is making a demonstration of how muscles can only pull, and never push.

We are all having so much fun seeing how the human body works.  It is truly a miracle that we survive!  We are learning just how Amazing God truly is, and how much His fingerprints are all over each and every one of us!  God is so good!

More new residents!

 Painted Lady Caterpillars.  The top picture was taken on Thursday, when they arrived.  The lower picture was taken today.  They are growing so fast!
We look forward to watching the process of metamorphosis as our caterpillars turn into chrysalis and then into butterflies!  This is what Callie has chosen to do for her project of choice for the Fair this year.  We will be taking pictures, watching them grow, change, and keeping notes as we see this process unfold.

More puppy pictures!

 Anna and Bailey are doing a great job working with the puppies.  They are working on sit, stay, down, off, come, and walking on a well as house breaking.
 Judah likes the watch the puppies.  He likes to pet the puppies.  He likes to chase after the puppies.  But he doesn't like it when the puppies come to see him!  And he loves to see them when they are in their crates!

 Serenity loves to carry the puppies around...and she likes to hold them while they are sleeping.  She likes it when she can make them do what she wants them to do...and she even likes to share her blankey with them!
So far, everyone is really enjoying having the puppies.  They love to take them on walks (which consist of taking them through the yard and around the outside of the house while they learn to walk on the leashes!).  It is so much fun to watch them play together, too.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Yesterday, we picked up our two newest family members. Meet Forté (on the left, black and silver, with Bailey), and Maple (on the right, salt and pepper,with Anna).  They are 7 1/2 week old mini schnauzer puppies.  We brought them outside to go potty before leaving the breeders.  Everyone was excited that they seemed like they wanted to play.
 After a long day in the car, and stops at several stores, by the time we got back home, they really needed to sleep...I think everyone was a bit disappointed and felt as though the puppies didn't 'like' us. 
 I assured everyone that that was not the case, but rather they are puppies, and like all babies, they need lots of sleep.
 Judah decided he really likes to watch them, and chase them, but he doesn't like them to 'get him back.'  Clearly, there is training to do on both sides of this equation!

 After just a short while, I told the girls that we really, REALLY need to let these puppies sleep...

Last Day at Chelan Vacation day 3

Isn't she just so cute?!  (Even with messy hair!)

So strong!
 Christopher took the older ones swimming while I stayed with nappers...actually he started with the older 6, and then brought Callie and Justice back for naps a little while later.  He let the older ones swim just about as long as they wanted.

 Justice preferred this little kiddie pool.

 Getting packed up, making sure everything is back in its place and all of our things loaded up in the bus.  It was a wonderful vacation!  We are so appreciative of Chris' aunt and uncle for generously allowing us to use their condo.

We had a great drive home, and everyone slept really well that night, and even better the following night in their own beds.  I am hopeful that by tomorrow we will be able to get the littles caught back up on their sleep!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 2 Lake Chelan Vacation

Last night did not end with the movie.  After that, we put the children to bed, we had a date night in.

We started with a time of prayer, we read Hebrews Chapters 4 and 5 together, and worked on our scripture memory.  Then we watched NCIS while we had some cookies and milk.  And then ended with an episode of the Dog Whisperer.  It was a wonderful time of reconnecting, and enjoying some time with just the two of us.  And, for awhile, Judah.  But mostly, just us. :-) My husband is such an amazing blessing!  I thank and praise my God for such a wonderful man, who is an excellent husband, a wonderful father, a godly example for his family, seeking to lead us in God's ways.  He is our priest, prophet, provider and protector.  I would be honored for our sons to grow up like him and for our daughters to marry men like him!

Our view at breakfast.

Anyway, long story short...we stayed up way too late.  This morning came way too early.  My wonderful children had breakfast done by the time we made it up (which was still like 7:30).  We went through our daily Bible reading.  We had fun describing what was going on in Acts Ch. 16, where Paul meets Lydia, and begins the church at Philippi (who he later writes the book of Philippians to - which we are currently memorizing!).  And explain the situation when Paul is arrested publicly, beaten, and chastised  all without a trial.  Then they try to release him privately and secretly ask him to leave the area.  He THEN tells the leaders of the day that he is a Roman Citizen and they need to come release him themselves.

Then we took a walk.

 We enjoyed the beach, the water, mountains and the playground.

I got to play tether ball with 3 of my girls, too!  I don't think I have played that since elementary school!

We then came back to the condo and made lunch.  We ate together, then I stayed home with the littles while Christopher took the older 4 to the pool.  I was grateful for the time to take a nap, too!  But first, it was time for a bit of clean up from lunch.  I had a several helpers to load the dishwasher.

Judah was able to stand up after his nap all by himself, without holding onto a person!  He is really going to be able to get into anything soon!

This evening we went to Troy's Pizzaria for dinner.  It was really good pizza!  They had a wonderful BBQ chicken pizza that I really liked.

Back at the condo, we hung out and enjoyed some much needed quiet time.  I think everyone was really tired.  The littles went to bed early, and the older ones stayed up and watched Louie Giglio.

It was another great day here at Lake Chelan!

Tomorrow we will be packing up and heading home.  I hope to have some time to take the older 6 swimming one last time, but we will see how the morning goes.  We are so appreciative and thankful for the opportunity to use this condo and enjoy a bit of time to rest and relax as a family!