Sunday, February 3, 2013

What IS This Bright Stuff Shining All Over?!

 "My eyes hurt!"
"Can we close the curtains?"
"It's too bright in here!"

"Can we eat lunch outside?"

All of the above statements were heard on Friday morning...and I am not going to disclose who said what...the truth is that for us Western Washingtonians, this bright light that most of you call a nice day, is a bit bright on our eyes, lol!
 It really was a nice day for a picnic though!

And the twins decided to let the chicks outside for the first time...I know, they don't look much like chicks anymore, lol!  On the 2nd picture down from here, you can see the chicks on the outside of the run, and the rest of the flock on the inside.  I really have no idea how much longer I should keep them separated...

This is Anna's favorite, the full blooded Americauna.

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