Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Waiting for a package

 Brianna found a set of Legos she wanted from the Lego store - but we didn't have her ATM card to pull out the money for her to buy it.  So she was told we would have to come back.  It was fairly expensive ($50), but she had the money and really wanted it.  I looked it up on Amazon.  It was the same price there.  Then a couple days later, I got an email saying that an item I looked at was now on sale.  It ended up being $34.  Brianna was thrilled to spend less on the same thing - and wondered what else she could purchase with her saves...so she ended up getting a 2nd smaller item to go with it, lol!  In total, she still spent less, even after tax than the original price (before tax) at the Lego store.  

But then came the hard part...waiting for the item to arrive in the mail.  Ashley was just about as excited as Brianna was...and today, it finally came!
 Ashley was trying to peek even before Brianna got it open, lol!

And they are still (2 hours later) happily working on this project together! :)

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