Sunday, February 3, 2013

Unexpected Blessing on Thursdays!

You can see the twins (dressed in red sweaters) during the youngest choir that they help out in.  In the front row on the left side, closest to the isle is Callie and Brianna is on the right side in the back.
 One of the twins' friends has moved up to intermediate band.  They happen to live in the same city that we do.  And they have offered to bring the girls home after their last class.  This is huge.  It means we spend 2 class hours in Granite Falls rather than 6!  Now this is such a great program, that I do believe it is well worth it to spend all day once a week there for the musical instruction that they are receiving...but it is such a blessing to be able to bring my tired littles home for a nap, too!
When I sit in the back, Justice always watched very this picture shows, Seren is too busy climbing up and down on the seats and finding something to occupy herself, lol!  J is now asking "How many more classes until I can be in choir?"  It is still a long wait for him.  He has the rest of this year, and all of next year to sit out before he is old enough for choir...He learns the songs and hand motions from his older sisters though, and enjoys that for now!
During the time, Ashley was playing with a friend in the other room, so she didn't get her picture taken.  Judah was in my lap, helping me take pictures - no, really, he is so reachy grabby these days, his hands are on the camera, too, lol!

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