Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seren's new bed

 Serenity needs to be able to get up during the night to go potty...and she is my oldest yet to still be in a crib.  Since getting all the beds moved around is taking longer than originally anticipated, I just moved her mattress onto the floor for now.  Eventually, she will get Callie's bed.  This is Serenity's first time sleeping not in her crib.
While I was in there taking a picture of Seren, I couldn't resist taking one of my big boy, too!
Then, while I rocked Judah to sleep tonight, it occurred to me again, just how short this time is, when my babies go to sleep in my arms, so I took a picture of him, too!
Callie is only napping about every other day right now, so she wasn't in there to take a picture of.  So for today, these were my precious napping babies!


  1. Just a thought, we were able to take one side of the crib off on ours so it resembled a daybed more than a crib, is there any way you can take one side off, that way she doesn't have to be on the floor?

  2. When I finish online today, I am going to look for the other toddler bed, that I am sure that I kept. Her crib is not able to do that, but our old crib can if I can't find the other bed. MIL doesn't like how high the crib is though as Seren is TERRIBLE about ripping off MIL's boarder in that room!