Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pictures and other news

"This is so very heavy!"

Serenity at today's Costco trip.  The store was practically empty,
and it was too cute not to take a picture of!

Ashley, playing with her lion and the camera.

Bailey finished this table runner today!

She is now done with her MARCH goal
for the Evergreen State Fair of having 9 items ready to go!

Yes, that is a pink binky in his mouth...he has a lot of sisters.
Can we move on now?

This little man has been all over tonight!  He is into
anything and everything he can get to!
He is rocking on hands and knees, pedaling his knees
forward and back in turn, picking up one arm at a time to grab
things while on hands and knees...he will be crawling any day now!

He has also cut his 3rd tooth, and the 4th is very close!

Ashley put this sweet note on her Daddy's pillow today...it is
hard to read in this picture of it, but it says,
"Thack you for saying my lion is the best."
In other news...
Brianna is sick.  I am going to have to post pone her allergy testing as she is not able to eat the things she needs to eat leading up to the test...hopefully this will pass quickly, and she will be able to take this test next week.

Callie had a really good session with Miss Jenna today - though she may not agree!  Miss Jenna is helping us get a new set of stretches worked out for her.  She has not been doing consistent stretches since about Thanksgiving, and it really shows.  She has lost a great deal of movement, and we really need to make this more of a priority again.

Justice is also not feeling well...praying that he gets better soon.  Though today he told me, "I like being sick."

"Why?" I asked.

"Mmm, 'cause you sit with me all day and read me lots of books, and I get to watch movies."

Anna was a great help today!  She stayed home with sick littles while I took Bailey, Callie and Judah to physical therapy and then to run some errands...what a blessing it is to have older ones who help out so much and so well! 

Then Bailey stayed home while I took Anna, Ashley, Serenity and Judah to Costco.  She also did an excellant job of taking care of sick littles while I ran errands and got groceries!

I am so truly blessed by both of my twins!  And by all of my children!

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  1. Hey Michelle this is Kassie from 09 dragonflies and I am right now in the hospital again having issues (first thyroid, then diabetes, then gall bladder :/) oh but I have lost 70 pounds in the past 4 months since I started taking thyroid medicine... Anyhoot I am a FIRM believer that having prayer warriors is not just important but essential!! You and your family are so full of Gods wonder that I would be just plain stupid not to ask for you to lift up my name in prayer!! I also was wondering if I could get a prayer blanket from you! Basically I would love if you and all the babes would take a square of fabric and put your hands on it in prayer and then decorated by each person! I plan to have many people make squares and I would add them to your families so that I literally have a blanket of prayers covering me!!! If you don't want to that is fine I just figured it couldn't hurt to ask!!!