Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Fair Projects

 The top and bottom pics here show elements that Justice wants to use in his Lego projects - since his big sisters enter the fair, he wants to also.  It is very cute, he will make a picture, or a Lego creation and say, "I made this just special for the fair!"  (He will not be entering everything into the fair, but he will have 3 or 4 items.)

Callie's Lego creation for this year's fair

Anna's Larry Boy

Anna's rose pin

Bailey's gloves

Anna's pony pal pencil holder (and pencils)

Bailey's flower headband

Anna's doll dress

Ashley's beaded socks

Bailey's child's shawl (that she is making for Callie)

Bailey's fine arts

Brianna's fine arts

Callie's fine arts
The girls have been working really hard this week while everyone has been taking turns being sick and high maintenance.  It has been an unexpected week off of regular school work.  The total fair projects done is now up to 45!

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