Thursday, February 7, 2013

Legos, Legos, Legos!

 Last month, a friend gave us this great lego table.  We were looking for a way to keep Legos under control...managable, so that Judah doesn't eat them, but yet, so that when the older ones have a project idea, they get can in and really play with them.  This means that they can find the right tiny little pieces in the right color that they need for just the right spot...

We quickly learned that while this Lego table was an improvement from the big bin that the Legos were previously in, it wasn't enough.
 We spent most of the last 4 days sorting Legos.  I am not even going to estimate the # of hours all of us spent on this project.  I am just going to be very grateful that it is DONE!
And here are our bins.  The plan now is to have 1 bin of mixed items for the littles to play with in the table...but the majority of the Legos will be kept in these bins, out of reach and access of them.  They are sorted for the older ones.  So that they can find the little tiny pieces when they need them!

Ultimately, I would really like to get some shelves put up on the wall, high above where the :Lego table resides to keep these bins on...but for now, we will keep them in our storage area in order to keep all of this hard work from becoming a lesson in futility!


  1. That's why we got the bigger Duplo blocks for ours.... along with the fact that I really, really don't like stepping on those painful little torture contraptions and you see the duplos easier ;)

    Good job!

  2. The trouble with that is you can't enter duplos into the fair. And you really can do much more with legos than you can duplos.

    We used to keep them all on a sheet, the sheet went on the floor, all laid out, with the legos on top of it. The rule was that no Legos were allowed off the sheet. Then when they were done playing with them, we gathered up the 4 corners of the sheet and put them back in their bin. This was a wonderful idea we got from Chris' cousin, but we got to where we had too many to do this with. This is what we are attempting to do now...we hope and pray that it works. I literally spent all day for 4 straight days sorting Legos! So I will be at least a bit sad if they all get mixed up again...