Sunday, February 3, 2013

Judah, social security, and dates with my children!

There has been a mix-up at social security.  Judah never got his card. And we kind of need them in order to file our taxes.  After 10 minutes of convincing a computer that I don't have the 'social security number of the person I am calling about to enter or speak,' I was then on hold for the next 30 minutes while being told repeatedly that 'they service millions of people, and often have excessive wait times, but that their automated system can help with many issues and or questions.'

The end result after taking with a person for less than 2 minutes - I need to bring my photo ID, Judah's photo ID, and our birth certificates in person to find out anything.  I explained that he doesn't HAVE photo Id...they suggested his passport...I explained that he is 6 months old,and is not very well traveled, so he doesn't have a passport (neither do I for that matter, lol!).

The next form of Id they will accept for a baby is a letter from the pediatrician stating who Judah is, complete with his parents names and socials, and growth.

I called the ped. and left a message for a nurse to call back.  My question, can they do this with a phone call, or do I need to come in?  She said they do these frequently, and that I didn't need an appointment.  She said she should have everything she needs in the system.

She called back to verify things...3 times.  Then sent the letter via email to our ped, who wasn't in that day.

He sent an email back saying he needs to see us.  So she called a 4th time (making 5 times that I was having to talk to the peds office, on a Thursday no less, lol!)  Fortunately she was able to get us in one of the emergency appointment slots for the following day, otherwise, he is booking 3 months out.

I also needed to go to vital statistics for a birth certificate.

Brianna had an unrelated appointment (more on this later!).

Brianna needed a couple things from Super Supplement.

I had a couple other errands to run as well.

All of this meant that I was able to take everyone out one on one, or two, for a date!

I still need to to go to the ss office in person,but everything else is ready for that.  We are hoping and praying that he already has a number issued (vital statistics said info was sent to ss - which is more than ss could tell me on the phone!), and that something happened to his card in the printing or mail...

I already posted a pic of my date with the littles...and I forgot to take a pic of Bailey's date, something made especially bad because she has been asking why she hasn't been on the blog in a long time...big oops on my part!  It has certainly not been intentional, Bay.  And I will work on it!

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