Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The Children's Museum that is.  They have a rule, that you can only have a 6:1 child to adult ratio at any time.  This goes for field trips, as well as families.  Unfortunately, they do not understand that big family dynamics are very different than a field trip...but that is another subject!

The twins are out of town with their Aunt Carolyn for a couple of days...and the younger 6 were a bit restless - they really needed to get out and play.  Unfortunately, it was kind of chilly outside, and I didn't want to bring the littles to a park and stay outside for very long.

So, we decided to head to the children's musem!  With just 6 children with me, the timing was right - especially when MIL came with me as well!  (What the children's museum doesn't understand is that it is actually safer for us to travel all together, so that we can use the buddy system more effectively...)

Everyone had a wonderful time!

 This is a new exhibit for us, all about air.  It is a closed tunnel system that pulls scarves up and out different places.  It was a lot of fun to watch the scarves travel through the tubes and float gently to the ground!

 The horse at the museum is no longer there - much to Callie's disappointment!
 This is another new exhibit, it is all about roller coaster design, and the physics behind it.  I think the twins will really enjoy this one - if we can find a way to bring them to the museum while we do not have 2 of the younger ones!

 The water room is always a big hit!

 This is the upstairs outdoor rooftop adventure.  Everyone enjoyed the few minutes we spent there - it was a bit too cold to stay very long though!

 Check out Callie climbing up a rock wall!  Makes me really want to build another one - I still have the holds to do it, too!

 Callie was so tired that she laid down while we waited to use the restroom.
 When we got home, I put the littles in their beds, then changed laundry over before checking on them again...they were very tired!

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  1. That was AWESOME!! Callie did such a great job climbing the wall. I loved how Justice would move his hands out of the way to make room for Callie to keep going.