Friday, February 15, 2013

Fun in the Sun - almost!

Well, ok, it really just wasn't raining, but that means quite a bit around here, lol!
 We were still able to go outside and play without getting too wet.

 Ashley and Brianna were hard to keep up with!

 I traded the regular swing for a toddler swing so that Judah would be able to play outside, too!  He had a lot of fun until Serenity got a bit too exited about pushing him...I am sure he will like that, too, in the not so distant future!
These pics were taken yesterday afternoon.  Today, we had REAL sunshine.  Everyone has enjoyed playing outside, and even having the doors open to air the house out a bit.  The twins asked if they could mow the lawn, too - what a blessing to have children who enjoy helping out!

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