Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday Even Fellowship

From left, Justice, Judah, Mercy, David, and Joy

Justice, Mercy, Callie and Serenity's back

 Justice was so sweet, and asked, "Mercy, can you please sit next to me?  Please, Mercy?"

The olders are harder for me to photograph as they do not always hang with the littles...who I am staying close to in order to monitor.

Callie loved their baby, Samuel, who is starting to walk.

Ashley, Brianna, and Joy
Everyone had a wonderful time at our friend's house!  They are so very hospitable, and my children enjoy playing with their 12 children.  We had a wonderful meal, and a great, discussion on Philippians.  I learned so much about the start of the church and the church's history!  We got to sing some songs together.  Anna played At the Cross during our worship time.  It was a fun evening!  The only thing that could have made it better was if my wonderful husband could have come.  His mom was able to come give me a hand in his absence though, which I was grateful for.

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