Sunday, February 3, 2013

Brianna's appointment with the naturalpath

We decided to bring Brianna to the naturalpath before her pediatrician told us about the 'unreliable test' run by many naturalpaths, that doctors do not support...but that was the confirmation I needed to know there was indeed something more that a naturalpath can do!

It was a great appointment.  We learned that many of the issues that Brianna has been working on in developmental therapy (and we have seen vast improvements on many, many things!), can be further helped with diet changes.  Cyndi Ringoen, her NT has already asked us about what we thought of diet changes, and said she thought Brianna would really benefit from taking out some things, and finding out is she has any allergies or sensitivities to food.  She recommended a naturalpath.

We have already tried to take Brianna off gluten.  It helped a great deal with her attitude, behavior and eczema.  We put her back on gluten and found that her reaction was much more severe than we had seen in years.

The natural path explained that when someone has a food allergy, they can shut down parts of their body that are most effected, like receptors or chemical factories in their she probably had done this...when she was off of gluten, she started using them again.  And the result was that the gluten was able to really effect her when we put her back on it.

The good news is that there is a test that she can take - and it is just a finger prick (though I estimate it will still be the end of the world for her) - but she has to have been exposed to as many of the 96 foods on the panel as we can.  She will only react to things she has in her system on this test.

Poor Brianna is MISERABLE!  Her eczema is out of control, and her behavior is the same.  She cannot have any meds for her rash because it will interfere with this test.  We have to make it to Friday.  But the hope is that we will have some solid answers and be able to get all of this under control.  She can go off of gluten again on Friday.  Please pray with us that she is able to tolerate this week.  (She is really liking the variety of foods though!)

Food allergies can effect attitude, behavior, impulsiveness, ability to see body language, ability to reason through beyond ones self (like understanding that the littles cannot do things that Brianna can is beyond Brianna right now).  It can effect skin, and sensory input, and more.

I am really looking forward to the results of this test, espeically after the pediatrician's tests all came back as normal and fine, and that she didn't have any gluten intolerance or allergy.

The natural path has said that Brianna can use Emu Oil on her skin during this week, and that it will help to get her on a good quality fish oil.  So we have done those 2 things for right now...

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