Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A moment of free time this morning

This is a hat that Anna made for Serenity...
Serenity said she would let Anna put it in the fair first, lol!

We were able to get 2 mattresses for the 3rd set of bunk beds
we will soon be setting up.
For now, they are lots of fun to play on, lol!

Callie and Brianna coloring

I am just amazed at how much Callie's fine motor skills
have progressed in the last few months!
She colored this all by herself.

Bailey is working on a snake scarf.
Judah is asleep, and I didn't go get a picture of him.  I decided that Anna and Ashley needed their own blog post, so that will follow shortly!

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  1. Sorry to correct you, but don't you mean "Callie and Brianna" coloring?!? Great photos!!