Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Full Sunday

As we were getting ready for church, these
two looked so good, that I asked them to
stop for a picture!

 Today we went to a nursing home to visit the residents and to pass out valentine's day cards and candy.
 We had a pretty big group who came from my inlaws church.  My MIL has worked hard to get this set up, build relations and open up some ministry opportunities for us here!  I am every excited about the possibilities.

 The residents really love to see little ones.  Judah was a big hit...though with his recent separation anxiety stage, he was watching me very carefully while this woman spoke with him!

 Justice had several compliments on his tie and vest today.  He was told that he looked sharp many times!  He was so willing to talk with anyone and everyone and to show them his jeep that he got for Christmas, too.  I was very proud of him!
 He also really enjoyed handing out the cards, and pointing out the special decorations on each card (custom made by my MIL's Sunday school class and my older 5 girls).
 Callie also loved to hand out the cards, and was very concerned if we missed someone (some residents were sleeping, or didn't want visitors).
Our contact's name is Tracy.  She told us as we were leaving that she saw smiles on faces that she typically doesn't see any smiles, so our children did a good job!

 It was so hot inside, that I think it felt good to all of us to get a bit of fresh air when we were done.

 Afterward, we went to the mall, to go to the Lego store for some inspiration on what the girls would like to make for the fair this year!
 It has been awhile since we had some good pictures of everyone, so I took advantage of the opportunity of being out with everyone dressed nicely!  They are such good sports going and posing for me quickly!

The older 6 each got to make their own little Lego figurine.

 Ashley decided she wanted to purchase something with her own money to help her build her fair projects!  (Brianna and Anna want to go back with money and get something as well - we didn't really plan this, but rather did it last minute today.)
 My beautiful Bailey!
 Our big girls sure love their Daddy!

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