Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 Months Old?

Is that *really* possible?  Can Judah, really, truly, possibly be 7 months old?  Already?  Wow, that went really fast!

He is working really, really hard on crawling, and while he hasn't quite figured out all of the cross patterning, he is now making forward movements and is usually able to get what he wants!

He has now had a banana a total of 3 times.  I just have not been very interested in starting solids this time around.  He is growing and thriving on milk.  He sleeps pretty well (when we can get him to stop working on crawling!).  Judah seems to like it when I give it to him though.

He is a very happy go lucky little guy.  He loves to watch what is going on, and interacting with his family.  Though he is starting to differentiate between family and strangers, and has a bit of a fear reaction these days to strangers.

Judah loves playing on the floor!  He loves working to get to different toys - or anything else that he might find on the floor.  We are once again working on everyone keeping every little tiny thing up off the floor!

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