Monday, January 21, 2013

Update on Judah

Judah continues to be such a joy and a blessing!  He is happy and content pretty much anywhere that he is.  He can be content playing with a toy or watching his older siblings.

We are having success with the binky, but if we are not fast enough, he will go for his thumb.  I think he could still go either way!
 Judah sleeps pretty well most days.  He is a great nursling!  He is working on cutting his first two teeth at the moment, which has been rough for him.  The teething has caused a sleep regression,and he is now waking 2-3 times each night to nurse.  It is a very precious time for both of us...the house is quiet.  No one else wants to hold him,or hear a story, or have me look at this or that, or discuss is just the two of us!
 Our little elf.  

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