Thursday, January 24, 2013

Therapy update

Miss Jenna is still Callie's pt. She has known Callie since she started with physical therapy at 11 months old.  She has known her since a time that she likely would have been diagnosed quadriplegic cp.  She has known Callie since before she could really see the world.  Since she had the basic set of skills that a typical 3 month old would have.

She has helped Callie become motivated to explore her world, and encouraged her to try to keep up with her big sisters.

Miss Jenna even helped her to keep Justice from surpassing her physical abilities quite as fast.

She has taught me so many things!  She took away a large portion of my 'sympathy' for her...that isn't quite the right word, so I put it in quotes...but she taught me to let Callie struggle.  She taught me how to push her, helped explain what Callie is doing, and what the rest of us do. She explained how to help get Callie through so many baby steps in developmental milestones - things that while my older 4 did them automatically, I didn't appreciate it until my little 3!  Things that I now marvel at how easily it comes to my other babies.

Miss Jenna knows Callie very well at this point.  She understands the way she thrives with physical challenge - especially when it is "Callie's idea!"  

We appreciate all that Miss Jenna has done for Callie and for us!

Miss Callie has made some wonderful progress lately with her control!  She loves to try new things - but on her terms!  She loves to push herself, and she loves to be independent...something that both serves her well, and gets her in trouble depending on the situation!  Here are 4 therapy session videos of Callie working with Miss Jenna on an obstacle course, and a bosu ball. 

This is one part of an obstacle course Miss Jenna set up for her.  This was done in December, just before Christmas.  To see the changes in the last month (due to the theratogs) really amaze me!

Here is the whole course:

This last one was taken after she got her theratogs (a new therapy devise, more later).  Her balance is so much improved with her theratogs that it is almost unbelievable!  So even though it is sideways (oops!  I didn't think far enough ahead) I thought I would put it here anyway!

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  1. Wow, she is doing well with stepping up and over. It looks like her balance is really improving. Great job, Miss Callie!