Monday, January 28, 2013


"Look my new clothes!  See?"
Miss Serenity is just getting cuter by the day!  She is very verbal, and says whatever is on her mind.  She loves helping with Judah.  She loves playing dolls with Callie and cars with Justice.  She is really growing into her name, too!

She is quite possibly our easiest to potty train!  She went from showing very few signs of being at all ready to start, to picking it up and running with it!  She is now independently going in when she needs to go and taking care of everything.  She moves the stool from the wall with the light switch, to the potty, then over to the sink. It is very cute!

She enjoys working on scripture memory, and singing songs.  Currently, she is doing a great job singing, At The Cross, and memorizing the fruits of the spriit, Gal. 5:22-26.  I am hoping to get a short video of it soon.

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