Monday, January 28, 2013

Photography Entry Possibilities

While my girls are ready to say that these will be their final photography entries, I have told them to wait and see if anything better comes along...I have told them that they can set these aside as possibilities!

We have talked about taking advantage of moments that we see in photography.  A heavy 'freezing fog' made for a beautiful landscape to photograph - though my camera really didn't do it justice, it was beautiful!  I had never seen anything like it except in movies! We even got the tripod out and let Callie and Justice find pictures they wanted to take!

Anna's photos
"Here I come!"

"Winter Wonderland"
Ashley's photo
"A Frozen Morning"
 Bailey's photos
"Frozen Forest"

untitled - almost right in the middle is a woodpecker
 Brianna's photos
"In The Cold"

Callie's photos
"Chili Morning"

"Waiting for a Friend"

 Justice's photos
"Cold Morning on the Farm"


1 comment:

  1. What great photographs they all took. The winter scenery is awesome. But I have to tell you, my favorite is Callie's photo of Justice on the teeter totter, that is priceless. Great job, Pence Children, you all are very talented.