Monday, January 28, 2013

New therapy

 Jenna got us in touch with this gentleman, Robert, who specializes in othosis and prothetics.  He thought a devise called theratogs could help Callie. He even came to the house when they came in and fit them to her.
Callie being silly.  It actually took quite sometime to get them fitted - so this was just her way of being fidgety while holding still,lol!
Callie took this picture...I thought it was an interesting perspective!

Callie's perspective...

Another pic from Callie's perspective

 This has been a wonderful adaptive devise for Callie!  It helps her to keep her pelvic in a much better position.  Which in turn helps her keep her feet pointing forward - rather than towards each other.

This is in addition to her regular therapy things...the theratogs go from her hips down to her AFO's.  And they are already making such a difference! We are still building up to wearing them all day every day, but when she is in them, she really looks good!  I hope to get a with vs. without pic of her standing.  

The next step to work on with her gait pattern will be getting her heal down...but for now, we need the soreness from using muscles she likely has never used to go away as she builds up strength from this!

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  1. I can't wait to see photos of with and without to see the difference. She looks great standing in that last photo. What a trooper she is!