Thursday, January 31, 2013

Already starting for the fair

Anna's lion scarf (She did this by looking at a picture online!)

Brianna is embroidering a Christmas table runner.

Anna is working on her fine arts project (she has done quite a bit more on this, and it looks good!)

Bailey is embroidering a Thanksgiving table runner.

Anna made these angel beaded socks.

Bailey made these heart beaded socks.

Bailey embroidered this last supper sampler.

Bailey made this little bumble bee baby cocoon.

Ashley embroidered these horses on her apron.

Anna made this lady bug baby cocoon (we are encouraging her to make a matching hat!)

Bailey made the big lego boat, and Ashley is making the concert scene.

Brianna made this sampler.

Anna made this Independence Day table runner.

Anna made this doll mattress and pillow set.
So far, we have about 30 projects done for the fair, and another few that are in progress.  The girls have each made goals this year so that August is only rushed on baking!  Not only are they making goals, but so far, they are keeping up with them.  I am so proud of the initiative that my girls are showing in this!  I think 3 of them have even made their February goal so far!

Except for the embroidery, everything is their own original design.  I am so impressed with their creativity, and ingenuity to create so many diverse things! 

Keep up the great work, ladies!

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  1. GREAT job, Ladies!! I am very impressed with the work and am really glad that they are making the initiative to set goals and stick to them. There is a LOT of talent among your young ladies. Great job, Michelle!!