Thursday, January 31, 2013


This is indeed out of order - this is from a couple weeks ago, maybe even 3 weeks ago.  But it is always fun for us to get a little bit of snow to play in, so I thought I would put some of the very few (almost pitiful I have so few!) pictures on the blog.

We live in Western WA, and while we get lots of rain, we really do not get much even this, which amounted the a little more than a dusting, counts as having snow, lol!  I didn't even get a picture of the snowman the girls made...oops!

I do think the blog is all caught up though!  Yay!  It only took me a week or so to get it caught up for the last month+ of time that I didn't get any blogging done.  I am hoping to keep it updated much more regularly now...but time will tell if that works out for me!

My Awesome God!

What an amazing start to the year.  God is so good!  Even in trials, He proves Himself faithful!  Finances were tight this month.  Really tight.  But God knew exactly what we would face, and went ahead of us to make provisions!  It has been such a blessing to feel His peace that surpasses all understanding, and to watch the ways in which He has worked all things out! 

I have a friend who says we must "Thank God for the fleas!"  It is a reference to Corrie Ten-boom, who was in a Nazi concentration camp, under some of the most deplorable surroundings imaginable.  Corrie explains in her book, The Hiding Place, how the barracks were infested with fleas.  It was such a terrible infestation, it acted as a repellant of the guards, just flat out refused to go into her particular barrack!  Since no guards would go in for any reason, to search,or to cause trouble for the occupants, they were able to hold nightly Bible Studies.  Corrie recalled hearing the Bible be read aloud, and then translated verbally throughout the room in many different languages.  She explains it as a time of extreme growth in the Lord.

This month has been nothing compared to what Corrie Tenboom faced in her life.  But it has been a challenge in my life.  It has caused me to grow closer to God and rely on Him in a more meaningful way!  And seeing how lavishly He provided for us was such a blessing!  So today, I thank God for the fleas, in this case, it came in the form of financial hardship.  Yet we always had our loved ones close, a roof over our heads, and our daily bread.  God is so good, all the time!

Sitting *not* a milestone?

Callie's neurodevelopment therapist, Miss Cyndi Ringoen, told me this interesting little tidbit at our last meeting.  I asked a couple questions about it, and decided that I would give it a try...not 'teach' or even attempt to 'teach' Judah to sit up by putting pillows around him and giving him lots of opportunity to practice.  Miss Cyndi explained that babies gain ab muscles more quickly by playing on their tummies and moving around.  She told me that they do not need to practice the balance of sitting when they have enough ab strength, so they can actually skip the stage of falling over a lot...

The results?  Judah is 6 1/2 months old, and is much more stable at sitting (much to my surprise about 2 weeks ago!) than any of my others at this age - and I had not given him any practice time!

Date with my littles

 My littles often get overlooked when it is time to take my children out on dates.  They just are not as vocal and do not need the same kind of individual attention time to talk...they are happy to sit at home, one on one, and read a special book.
But yesterday, I had the opportunity to take them out, and we had such a fun time!  They really did enjoy it!

Already starting for the fair

Anna's lion scarf (She did this by looking at a picture online!)

Brianna is embroidering a Christmas table runner.

Anna is working on her fine arts project (she has done quite a bit more on this, and it looks good!)

Bailey is embroidering a Thanksgiving table runner.

Anna made these angel beaded socks.

Bailey made these heart beaded socks.

Bailey embroidered this last supper sampler.

Bailey made this little bumble bee baby cocoon.

Ashley embroidered these horses on her apron.

Anna made this lady bug baby cocoon (we are encouraging her to make a matching hat!)

Bailey made the big lego boat, and Ashley is making the concert scene.

Brianna made this sampler.

Anna made this Independence Day table runner.

Anna made this doll mattress and pillow set.
So far, we have about 30 projects done for the fair, and another few that are in progress.  The girls have each made goals this year so that August is only rushed on baking!  Not only are they making goals, but so far, they are keeping up with them.  I am so proud of the initiative that my girls are showing in this!  I think 3 of them have even made their February goal so far!

Except for the embroidery, everything is their own original design.  I am so impressed with their creativity, and ingenuity to create so many diverse things! 

Keep up the great work, ladies!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Pictures


A friend was giving away this great (homemade by her husband!) lego table because they have too many legos for it...

We are so grateful!  It works perfectly for us!  We have just about the right amount of legos for this table.  It is filled about 1/2 way, and has plenty of space for 6 children to get around the outside of it!  Now the girls are busy working on their lego creations for the fair, lol!

Nap time?

 Or so that is what they were *supposed* to be doing...instead they went and got Ashley's big bear, Jessica...

While they were scolded and put back to bed, I am very glad I had my camera in my pocket when I went upstairs, lol!

Photography Entry Possibilities

While my girls are ready to say that these will be their final photography entries, I have told them to wait and see if anything better comes along...I have told them that they can set these aside as possibilities!

We have talked about taking advantage of moments that we see in photography.  A heavy 'freezing fog' made for a beautiful landscape to photograph - though my camera really didn't do it justice, it was beautiful!  I had never seen anything like it except in movies! We even got the tripod out and let Callie and Justice find pictures they wanted to take!

Anna's photos
"Here I come!"

"Winter Wonderland"
Ashley's photo
"A Frozen Morning"
 Bailey's photos
"Frozen Forest"

untitled - almost right in the middle is a woodpecker
 Brianna's photos
"In The Cold"

Callie's photos
"Chili Morning"

"Waiting for a Friend"

 Justice's photos
"Cold Morning on the Farm"


My funny Ashley

Coming home late from an appointment... I found Anna had already started dinner.  (Anna cuts onions with goggles on because it makes her eyes not itch, lol!) I asked Ashley if she was the assistant.  She said, "No, I am her side kick.  See?  I kick her side!"
Then just yesterday, Ashley came in after getting dressed for church and announced, "I know who made my dress!"


"It was lots of Esthers.  See, it is polyester.  Poly means many, so it was many Esthers!"

She is such a funny girl!  I love to see her personality and sense of humor develop!  She really is a funny girl!