Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a wonderful revelation!

I read a sad, sad story this week.  Of a 10 year old girl, who has cp.  She was getting off the school bus, her neighbors were making fun of her.  It was a 9 year old school mate, and his father.  They were walking with a limp, calling her such things as 'retard' and 'gimp.'

The girls' mother was there, and asked them to please stop, but they just continued more.  Apparently, according to the article, this man and his son make fun of this girl frequently.

Years ago, I may have just shaken my head and thought it was terrible.  But now, after seeing this girls face, with her long blond hair, her very typical cp gait, and her smile that lit up her entire face the way someone else I was a bit too close to home to simply shake my head, think it was terrible and forget about it.

A couple of days after I kept thinking about it, knowing that it could one day be Callie in this type of situation.  I asked Callie, "Callie, do you know that you are special and loved just the way you are?"

"Yes!  You love me and God loves me and my whole family loves me." She answered.

"And do you know that we admire your strength and determination to be able to do things that others can do easily."

"Yes, that is my therapy that helps me walk and jump and run."

"That's right.  It is your therapy.  But not everyone would work as hard as you to overcome your disability...Callie, do you know what your disability is?"

Without hesitation, this precious little 5 year old, who has worked and continues to work so hard to overcome the effect of cp on her little often frail seeming body, said, "Sin."

Wow!  What a revelation!  This life is so short.  The ultimate disability, and one that we all suffer from is sin.  It is eternity that matters.  And how we live this life, determines where we spend the next.  This little girl, who has worked so hard to overcome so much, has such an amazing insight sometimes!  Whether she fully understands or knows it or not, I am not sure.  But she has so many lessons to teach!  I thank and praise God for this amazing little girl!


  1. What a blessing that little lady is. I am so blessed to know her and her family. What a blessing that you and Chris have taught her so well that she understands things beyond her years.

  2. She is very insightful indeed. Thanks so much for sharing the story love!


  3. So precious! I love how God is able to use our children to point us back to Him and what really matters. And to show us that, despite our many failures, we are actually teaching our children something right. It is in these moments that I realize how much He loves to give us grace lavishly, and just how great of a blessing my children truly are...thank you for sharing!

  4. Still makes me choke up each time I read it. :)