Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Thank you so much to the Anderbergs, Codys, Foltzs, Nittas and Stetsons for making this surprise party a success!
For their birthday, they twins were given a day out with Grandma and Grandpa...little did they know that it was to allow us to get ready for their surprise party!
The Cody's came and helped set up decoration...but I don't have any good pictures of all the beautiful decorations!

We had pizza

And cake

The party was so much fun, that Judah couldn't take any more fun.

In total, they had about 50 people waiting for them to say surprise...and even more amazingly, they were actually surprised!
A surprise party was something on their birthday lists...but to actually pull it off is pretty amazing to me.  The twins are pretty smart, and figure out a lot of what is going on around here.  In order to do it, we didn't even tell the middles that we were having a surprise party until after the twins left that day, lol!

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