Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Specian *international* delivery!

One of my very faithful blog readers sent us such a sweet package in the mail!

There was a beautiful card, too, but apparently, I didn't get a picture of it before Serenity ran off with it saying, 'It's my favorite book!' and hugging it to her body, lol!
Then the next day, we got another, smaller package from her and her family.

This was so amazing to me.  I was thinking that I really wanted another 'family' ornament this year.  We have a couple from year's past, when we had just the twins, and then with the older 4.
Since we had one with TWO children, then FOUR children, it just seemed like we 'needed' one with EIGHT children...this means our next family ornament is when we have SIXTEEN, right?
I had not told anyone that I had wanted this, and I knew that this year, finances didn't look good for it to happen.  But God provided this through a very special friend, who I have never even met!
Thank you so much, from this side of the pond!


  1. He always provides! You know how things are here, but when I asked Micke if he minded if we ordered and sent that ornament, he was all for it :). Seriously, woman, SIXTEEN kids, lol? I'm so glad you'll enjoyed the package and hope you enjoy the music! You and your family are an inspiration to my family, and believe it or not, we've all read an article here or watched a video or seen a photo, each and every one of us, and.... well, Pence family, you reap what you sow :)

    Much love from Sweden!

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL ornament! I've never thought of a "family" ornament. I love that idea!

  3. Thank you so much Naomi for the gifts! It blessed our family incredibly. Your family displays a wonderful selflessness that is very much refreshing.

    Thank you!
    Christopher Pence