Friday, November 23, 2012

New Addition to the Chicken Coop

It may be too late for the first chick that hatched...and there was a 2nd chick that couldn't fight its way out of the egg.
But we have made an addition to the chicken is a removable cage that encloses the mom and chicks, with an access door for us to get to their food and water.  It includes the nesting box, and a 12" 'hallway' to a 30"x42" rectangle (where the food and water are located for them).
Here is the view from the nesting box.
The girls have changed her name from Jessie to Miss Muffet...and renamed the box she is in from #1, to "Tuffet."
So, here is Little Miss Muffet, sitting in her tuffet...not eating much at all, lol!

I will post better pictures tomorrow when we refill their food and water.
We also have a new little chick...just one right now, and we will just wait and see what happens.  I candled 6 eggs today, out of which, 4 looked viable, and 2 were duds.  That was about all the patience that Miss Muffet had for me taking and returning her eggs!
The girls are excited to see how things go for the chicks now that they have a more secure place.  I haev a couple of places to put up a bit of chicken wire to keep the chicks from being able to squeeze out.
The box is designed specifically for this one nesting box, so we will be moving her in the spring back to this location if she decides to sit on eggs again...which we do hope she will do.

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