Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Justice Shannon Andrew

Justice is all about favorites these days...
Favorite color, "Lellow"
Favorite food, "Dis.  Dis is my favwit."  (Anything he happens to be eating at the time, lol!)
His favorite hat "mmm, lining queen hat"
His favorite plan, "My pointy plane.  It my bwoo angel."
During school, J rearranged our spelling tiles.  He turned them into a "twain, working hard going up, up, up, up da big long hiw.  And all da 'moke (smoke) coming up because it is going so so so fast."

J loves to hang out with Judah.  He says, "Dis is my buddy!  I will take care of him and teach him."  He loves his baby brother so much that he would even share his favorite, "Bumpy blankey" with Judah!  What a sweet big brother he is!
Justice has also been very interested in helping to carry heavy things, like unloading Costco groceries from the car, and opening doors for me.  He is being very chivalrous these days!
Justice loves to read books, enjoys riding his bike, going to the library, and being chased.
He is also very imaginative.  He came downstairs one day last week, put my forehead against his, with his hands on my cheeks, and said (in his very serious little way), "Mom.  There is a monster under Anna's bed."  (I asked if he needed a glass of water as it reminded me a bit of the movie signs, lol!  He ignored me, and continued.) 
"What are you going to do about it?" I asked.
"We need to get it.  We need to kill it."
"Are you going to go take care of that for us?"
"No.  I don't have a sword to fight the monster."
He went off, to go check on the monster, while we finished school - though there was an intermission while we laughed about his serious dimeenor, lol!
2 days later, we were headed to J's post op.  He told me, "I know how to kill the monster now.  My pointy bwoo angel can shoot it."
How he knew that the blue angel was a militairy plan, I have no idea.  I also do not have any idea where he learned about shooting things, lol!  He is certainly well on his way to be a good protector of his home and family!
I praise God for my little guy and his thoughts and ideas!  He is so different from the girls.  I hope and pray that he and Judah have a wonderful time doing 'boy things' as the get older!

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