Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Judah Christopher

This little guy is such a laid back, content little man!  What an easy-going baby.  He loves to watch everyone play and the activity going on around him.  He is happy to sit in his bouncy seat, play on his tummy, or on his back.
He loves this little monkey toy.
He is really starting to use his hands.
He is doing a great job smiling, and being so cute!  He is also starting to laugh...but it is a struggle for him.  He tries to laugh so hard that he makes some really funny noises!

He is doing such a great job, and getting bigger by the day!  At 4 months old, he weighed 16 pounds 4 oz, not bad for starting out on the smaller side!  He has almost tripled his birth weight (something that is supposed to happen by the first birthday).

Judah is still exclusively breastfeeding, has not had a bottle, though we are trying really hard to get him to use a binky - we are kind of done with thumb suckers if we can help it!

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