Tuesday, November 20, 2012

*Free* Piano

Electric piano my grandparents gave us
There is no such thing as a free piano.  Most of the pianos that someone wants to get rid of...well, there is a reason for it!

When you move a piano, it will always need to be tuned.  So even if a piano is in good, working order, it will need something.

Keyboard that Chris' aunt and uncle let us borrow
(We are ready to return this, since we have 2 pianos
of our own to use!
And with 4 playing piano, it is very nice to have 2 pianos!)

I have been looking for a 'free' piano for several months now.  Because the twins are getting to a level that their piano teacher requires them to have a real piano (real, meaning acoustic, rather than a keyboard or electric piano).

After asking questions I had turned down about half a dozen different pianos...either that were too big for us (one was a baby grand!), or because it hadn't been played in years or that it looked too beat up in the pictures.  I wanted something that had been played fairly recently, tuned and well cared for.  Age didn't matter as much to me as condition.  And we wanted a spinet style (smaller piano).

I found one that I thought looked really classy.  I liked the lines in it.  I am not exactly sure of its history because the person I got it from (again, for free), seemed a bit flakey.  BUT, I thought it was worth a try.

When we got there, it was quite an adventure.  The man I got it from had said the legs were not on it, but that he had them with him, if we wanted to meet him in Woodinville.  He was not at home when we picked up the piano.  He told us his roommate would be there...but there was no answer when we knocked.  The piano was on the back patio, covered with a tarp.  At this point, I was feeling rather uncertain about this deal...

We just peeked under its cover, not wanting to get it too wet if we could help it.  Then we moved it closer to the truck.  It seemed to be caught on something, so we had to lift it over some sort of board.  We let go to re-grip, and get the genie lift in place to pick it up onto the back of the truck...the piano fell forward and rolled onto its top...oh, so THAT's what no legs does to a piano, lol!

We picked it up, and got it situated into the truck.  We met the guy to get the legs, and brought it inside.  There were no screws, so we had to wait to put them on...in the meantime, we put a 2x4 under the edge to keep it from tipping over.

The keys kept 'sticking' which concerned me, but there was nothing we could do about it now...I hoped getting legs on it would help!  We also took off the front cover, and opened the top.  We learned that it is a 1953 Janssen spinet.  It had a tag for $149 from a 2nd hand store, as well as a dog tag that someone lost at some point...it made me wonder what kinds of stories this piano could tell if it could talk!

We got the legs on it yesterday.  The keys no longer stick, but it still didn't sound very good...

It was tuned today, and now, I am thinking that this will actually work!  The piano tuner (Mr. Holister) said that it was so far out of tune, that we will need to let it rest and tune it again in about a month. 

Anna and Bailey said that they prefer this new piano to the other 2 instruments they have been playing over the last year.

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