Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Busy Day!

In the corners of the house, blessings abound...
In the first corner, Bailey is hard at work making peanut butter cookies

The fruit of everyone's labor today.
(Callie helped me make indoor smores.
Bailey made cupcakes for a special turkey day dessert.
Anna made no bake cookie bars.
Next up are Ashley's molasses cookies
and Brianna's chocolate chip cookies.)

Lo and behold, we have a chick!  3 other eggs are working on hatching, too.  Mama is too stressed right now, and was pecking at this little one, who ended up with a tiny bleeding spot on its we brought it inside.  (Where it is being quite the distraction!)

And in this corner, we have Anna playing Christmas carols!
The younger ones are coming in and out, playing.
What a wonderful, full, blessed day!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a busy and productive day. The girls made molasses cookies. I made mincemeat crisp, and stuffing. Hannah helped me with pumpkin pies. Ralph got the turkey into the brine until morning.

    PS Is the piano on an outside wall? It is always better for it to be on an inside wall, as it will keep in tune a LOT longer. The temperature and humidity fluctuate on outside walls a lot more. Just an FYI. I thought it looked like it was close to the front door.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Give all your blessings a hug for us. We really miss you all LOTS!!!