Friday, November 23, 2012

A wonderful Thanksgiving!

This is probably my very favorite Thanksgiving yet.  (And that is saying something since Christopher actually proposed to me on Thanksgiving '98.)
Ashley, with the almost mandatory olive hand!
Callie was all over!  She did more walking than she has in quite some time!  It was wonderful to see her getting around so much!  There is a long ramp to get up to the stage that she spent about an hour and a half going up and down and up down! 

Christopher enjoyed playing some pool with a couple of the other men.  He said that he is just not the pool player he used to be, from when he had a pool table at home and would play everyday!

Miss Serenity was so tired by the end, but she kept on going!  She even held it together pretty well for as tired as she was.  She kept finding someone to hold her or walk with her holding her hand...didn't matter if she knew them or not (that was definitely a scary part for me!), she would just go along with them, lol!

Judah did a great job, too!

There was Thanksgiving holiday craft/snack project that told about the Pilgrims journey.
I may put it on the blog in a separate post.  It was actually very cool!

There really was so much food and so many are some of our cupcake turkeys.

The girls did very well with their Little Drummer Boy play for the talent show.

Anna and Bailey also got up there and did another piece on the piano.

I really love seeing my children interact with their great grandparents!

These 2 just looked like they were up to something...I just couldn't tell what, lol!

I thought this was a good pic of Serenity - something that has been hard to get with as fast as she moves lately, lol!

Callie really wore herself out!

Even after the talent show, Brianna went back up on stage to sing more songs.

When it was all over, Justice insisted on helping to do the heavy work, like moving the pool table back up the hill to the other building, lol!

And this is what Callie looks like when she is beyond tired, and has lost all control...poor girl was in so much pain from moving having done so much, and was so sad...she really just needed to go to bed, which we helped her with just as soon as we could!

It was a really great party!  My sister-in-law did a wonderful job putting it together and pulling it off!
I am just so thankful for all that we have this year.  What a blessing it is to get to be with my family each and every day.  What a blessing to have a warm (or mostly warm - I need to go feed more pellets into the pellet stove at the moment, lol!) house.  What an honor that God would bless me with an amazing husband, and awesome inlaws.  God is so good!  His bounty is endless.
Happy Thanksgiving from our family, to yours!

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  1. Some great photos, Michelle. I can't believe how much Serenity looks like Breezy when she was little. It is great to see Callie getting along so well by herself. She is growing up so quickly. I was glad to see a photo of Ashely. There haven't been many of her lately. She is growing to be quite the young lady.