Friday, October 12, 2012

Me, Myself and Bob

What do you do when it seems as though your entire life's work, your dreams, and your hopes are all crashing down around you?

How do you handle seeing everything you have worked for be torn away piece by piece...and there is nothing you can do about it?

How do you face the fact that you were wrong?  That it was your pride, and lack of knowledge and good advice that brought about the downfall?

All of this and more is answered in the book, Me, Myself & Bob by Phil Vischer.  He writes about the rise and ultimately the fall of Big Idea with a sense of humor and humility.  He takes full responsibility for listening to the wrong advice, not seeking out other opinions, letting others lead when it should have been him, and ultimately tearing down his own company.  He apologizes to his family, employees, and fans.

After explaining the rise and fall of Big Idea, he talks about lessons that he learned.  He admits that along the way there were many opportunities to have turned things around.  Until the lawsuit that Lyric Studios filed against Big Idea, which Bid Idea lost.  That was the nail in the coffin...but had things been going better inside the company, that probably wouldn't have happened.  Phil Vischer says in his book that he now sees much more clearly what happened than while it was going on.  He now understands that he was not waiting on God, that ultimately, he was pushing God's will, rather than waiting up God to show him direction in His timing.

At the very end of the book, Phil also explains that a court of appeals reversed the ruling against Big Idea, but by that time, 2 years had passed, and it was already over.  Bob and Larry were sold.  Big Idea was gone.  And he already had a new studio, called Jellyfish labs.  He named it that because jellyfish are unable to move themselves, they are completely dependent on the current to move them from place to place...just like Phil Vischer now is fully relying on God for direction now.

The lessons are powerful, not just for business, but for life in general!  It was a good read.  He keeps is funny and light while talking about important truths.  This book has made me think through things in my life...

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