Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Justice's hernia surgery

Going from counter to counter to check in, we found lots of fun things to see!


And Waiting

And Waiting.

Then it was finally our turn!
Christopher went in with Justice when he was put under.  He got to wear this stylish outfit to do so!
But we still had a bit more waiting before it was actually our turn, lol!
(We had an 11:45 surgery time, but Justice wasn't called back until after 4 pm.  We were later told that he was the only routine/normal case of the day!)

And there they go...

After surgery, Justice did very well!
He was sore for the first day, then he seemed like he was being very careful with himself the second day, but after that, he was ready to go.  The trick for me was to keep him down a bit longer so that he could fully heal.
We praise God for His goodness, mercy and love!  We thank Him for guiding the hands of the surgeon, and for bringing Justice through without any complications.

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  1. What a blessing to have that taken care of. It is great that Chris was able to go with you and in with J. What a brave little man!!