Friday, October 5, 2012

Justice goes to the doctor

Even though we have 8 children, we do not go to the doctor very often.  This is the first time J remembers going to the doctor.  He thought it was lots of fun!  He was going to see a radiologist at Children's Hospital about some issues of a personal nature that he is having.

Oh, yeah, he has a bandaid on his head because he was so excited about looking at the walls, that he didn't see a table and ran into it.  He didn't get very hurt at all, but the nurse asked if he wanted a bandaid...of course he said yes!

We did do more than just play at the hospital (though J was particularly fond of the turtles on this trip!).  The doctor said he definitely needs this issue cleared up, so he is scheduled for surgery on this coming Monday, October 8th to fix his hernia and testicular hydrocele.

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  1. Mine a what big boy he has gotten to be. So was it just you and the two boys this trip? We have been praying for him today.