Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting ready for a party!

I am always excited for Callie's birthday.  Or for any of my children's birthdays for that matter.  But there is something different with Callie.  Each year, we celebrate her many accomplishments...and I am reminded that she really is behind.  You see, when Callie was a one year old who couldn't walk, it was much easier for me than when she was a two year old who didn't walk...the older she got, the more obvious it was to me that she "should have" been doing something more than she was.
Then we come to this year.  She is doing so well, I don't even have the slightest bit of this feeling!  I really do not feel that she is very "behind" this year.  She is walking, talking, reading, writing, jumping, somersaulting, and most importantly, LAUGHING!  She has the best spirit!  She works so hard for her mobility, and does it with a smile.  It is something I am working on learning from her example right now.
Here she is after her nap, when she first saw her cake, which we will have tomorrow at her family party.
And here is the cake.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!  I am so excited for all that you can do, and all you are learning.  I am thrilled to have your example of dedication and your influence of a positive attitude, even when things are hard.  It was my pleasure to take the time to make you a special cake for your special day!

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  1. Happy birthday, Miss Callie!! We miss you so very much and love you bunches. I cannot believe how far you have come, in a relatively short time. I love watching you grow and mature and become a lovely young lady. You are a blessing and an inspiration (let MOM explain that one to you:) (although now that I think of it, you probably won't need MOM to explain, you have had an awesome vocabulary for a very long time. Have a GREAT day!! We will call you on Friday.